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Author Topic: June 17, 1985 Dear MacintoshTM XL or Lisa(r) computer owner letter  (Read 40 times)


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Apple Computer announced several months ago that it will phase-out production of the Macintosh XL (formerly Lisa) computer this Spring prior to introducing an external hard disk drive for Macintosh in the Fall.  This letter discusses what to expect from Apple in the future and how your computer will be supported.

First, you should realize that you now own the most powerful Macintosh workstation Apple has ever sold.  Your machine can run Macintosh software in up to 2 MB of memory, on a large 12" screen, with the performance and capacity of a hard disk drive.  The Macintosh XL and Lisa computers will run all of the major Macintosh business software, including products available from Microsoft and Lotus.

Second, Apple will continue to service and support your computer, through various authorized Apple dealers, for at least the next five years.

Third, today Apple is furnishing you with MacWorksTM XL.  MacWorks is the Macintosh operating system for the Macintosh XL and all Lisa computers.  It allows Macintosh software to take advantage of up to 2 MB of memory, the 12" screen, and a hard disk.  MacWorks also lets you work in the Macintosh Office with the AppleTalkTM Personal Network and the LaserWriterTM printer.

Fourth, Apple will make available for your purchase the following new products also designed specifically for the Macintosh XL:

-   XL Screen Kit.  The XL Screen Kit can be installed by your authorized Apple dealer to adjust a Lisa or Macintosh XL screen to Macintosh resolution (commonly called "square dots").  The screen will be available this summer.

-   Migration Kits.  Apple is working with Lotus and Microsoft to develop programs to convert data from Lisa 7/7 to Macintosh applications.  These Migration Kits will be available this summer.

Fifth, you should know that AST Research markets the RamStakTM memory boards which allow Macintosh XL and Lisa computers to use up to 2 MB of memory.

Sixth, as Apple continues to develop new workstations, they will be based on the Macintosh software architecture.  Thus, through owning a Lisa or Macintosh XL, you will be able to take advantage of many new products in the future.

In summary, you own an extremely useful and powerful computer.  Thanks for your business.  We hope that you continue to enjoy your Apple product.  Please consult your authorized Apple dealer for more information about the products mentioned here when they become available.

Apple Computer, Inc.

Apple, Lisa, and AppleTalk are trademarks of, and Macintosh is a trademark licensed to Apple Computer, Inc.  Lotus and Jazz are trademarks of Lotus Development Corporation.  Microsoft and Multiplan are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.  RamStak is a trademark of AST Research, Inc.
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