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Author Topic: Lisa Tank Problem  (Read 7140 times)


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Re: Lisa Tank Problem
« Reply #45 on: April 05, 2022, 12:39:46 pm »

The first one is a 2/10. I'm not sure what the second one is because when I got it it had a Widget cable plugged into a LisaLite card. :o


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Re: Lisa Tank Problem
« Reply #46 on: April 05, 2022, 04:46:43 pm »

The first one is a 2/10. I'm not sure what the second one is because when I got it it had a Widget cable plugged into a LisaLite card. :o


At least one of those is clearly a 2/10 mobo with a 2/10 I/O board, likely they both are. Not sure what that Lite card is doing there, but it shouldn't be there. If the cable fits into it, it's the wrong chassis for a 2/10 though the right I/O + mobo. So you might need to modify the lite board to work if it doesn't. (I had one of those, I eventually fixed it.)

Edit: to clarify, the internal power + data cables coming out of the motherboard and going to the CRT, power supply, power button, twiggies vs widget+floppy are different between 2/10s vs Lisa 1+Lisa 2 or 2/5s.

If you have a 2/10 Chassis with the widget connector and plug in a widget, but your I/O board and motherboard are from a 2/5, the widget will short out the power supply each time you try to turn on the Lisa. This can be fixed by replacing those two internal cable harnesses which are hidden behind the CRT. However as the motherboard of the 2/5 has an external parallel port, this external parallel port should work.

(Alternatively you can replace the motherboard and I/O board with ones from a 2/10, but this is harder as I/O boards are hard to find these days.)

You should be able to tell the type of chassis by the cables available in the floppy bay. If you see two narrow cables and two power plugs, that's a Lisa 2, or 2/5. If you see one wide cable and one narrow cable, and a single wide power connector, that's a 2/10 chassis - the wide cable is for the widget, the narrow goes directly to the floppy drive without the Lite PCB.

It is possible to use a 2/10 I/O board in a 2/5 chassis and with a 2/5 motherboard; you'd have to modify the Lite card with two jumpers (or buy a pre jumpered board: )

Theoretically, it may be possible to alter the 2/5 I/O ROM to allow 2 drives again, and maybe it would be possible to use two Lite cards in a 2/5 with two drives. Maybe even modify it to also allow 800k drives, and modify the LOS 800k driver to recognize two drives: . But I've never tested this - still would be interesting. (Not that you can easily mount two floppy drives in the cage, and you'd need to run with the faceplate off and the interlock switch plugged.)

There were also two resistors removed from the I/O boards in the transition from Twiggy to Sony, however, I don't know what those do. If their removal disables the top port, then they'd need to be added back in, if they just allow the Sony drive(s) to work, likely they can be left out.
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Re: Lisa Tank Problem
« Reply #47 on: August 01, 2022, 12:26:22 am »

Added the Lisa 1 on display at LSSM in New Kensington, Pennsylvania.

This brings the number of Lisa 1s tracked on the sheet to 13.

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