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New User Registrations are now much harder


So we've had some attempted forum spammers recently, seemingly coming from .ru addresses and trying to obfuscate gmail addresses by inserting dots in them (since gmail ignores those.)
My apologies if you happen to be someone who owns an Apple Lisa and happens to live in Russia, but most likely your account and IP address will be banned before you even managed to fully register because of these miscreants.
Consequently new user registrations now have to be approved by an administrator as well. Hate to do that, but, it is what it is. Captchas are not quite enough to keep these annoying bots out.
This is not limited to just IP addresses from Russia, while I'm not (yet) specifically blocking the entire country, they also came from Ukraine, Romania, Sweeden, and the Netherlands. Many of these registrations seem to be coming from web hosting providers, a few from a CDN, indicating that their VMs/websites are compromised.


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