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Welcome to LisaList2!
This is a forum for fans of the Apple Lisa computers, which predate the Macintosh, as well as related historical topics.

If this is a topic you're interested in, please register, but note that we'll take a couple of days to approve your account due to spam-bot attacks which we defend against, please be patient, and do try to login a day or two after you create an account.

You don't have to own a Lisa to join us. There are extensive resources here as well as archives of the previous incarnations of the mailing list.


--- Quote from: rayarachelian on January 19, 2019, 05:06:44 pm ---Welcome to LisaList2!

Over the next few weeks we'll add new features, such as email integration to replicate a mailing list, and also import the old messages.

--- End quote ---

Thanks Ray.


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