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So I finally tracked down an OEM version of the 1080A, IBM's 3852. Hasn't gotten here yet, but I plan to take it apart and photograph the boards to see if there's any major differences between the 1080 and the 3852 that'd keep me from using it on a Lisa. I can already see that the 1080 has a set of configuration DIP switches on the back while the 3852 lacks them. Hopefully it's just they were removed from the board and the pads are still there. I also wouldn't be surprised if there were ROM differences between the two that can't be fixed by burning 1080 ROMs... More details to come soon.

On another note, anyone got a spare dual parallel port card? I picked up another Profile disk so now I'm running three ProFiles off mine... It feels weird to have a setup that would have cost around $21,000 new or $50,000 today.

You might find this thread I started on VCFed a while ago interesting:

TLDR, the IBM and Canon printers have very different looking PCBs. I was not able to get the Canon printer to spit out anything intelligible using the IBM driver in Windows.

Note you need to use the "special" Lisa parallel printer cable. IIRC 2 of the status lines are swapped. (The same cable needed for the Apple Dot Matrix Printer)


Interesting. But it does look like that barring the PCB respin, the only changes are the IBM board lacks the DIP switches and appears to have picked up an extra OTP ROM. They're both still based around a 6809 so I can't imagine the two boards are very different electrically... I also can't imagine the boards being more than two layers, so might be possible to hack the DIP switches back in based on pictures of a 1080A board.

Do we have the pinout of the Lisa parallel printer cable? I can probably build an adapter cable so I can use my normal PC printer cables.

Failing all of the above... I have a traveling computer museum in the works and I can always throw this 3852 on my 5150 or 5170!

It's not convenient now (this month is very busy, especially this weekend!) but I ought to be able to determine the pinout without too much trouble. I repurposed one of those chunky A-B switches for 25-pin DB-25-terminated cables as a kind of patch panel for this kind of cable-hacking, and while I have no recollection at all of how I determined the correct cross-connections, it works now and that's what counts. It's not too hard to pop the lid off and see what connects where, and I'm happy to do that if nobody else passes along the answer first. Sorry I can't do it right away, though!

Tom, here's a post you'd made on the old mailing list :

"James's change to my adapter --- moving Lisa pin 16 from PC pin 11 (\BUSY) to PC pin 10 (ACK) --- results in color printouts from the Lisa to the Canon printer! "

I posted this link to Apple's tech site, which gave me trouble initially...

James copied the text into a reply:

Anticipating its disappearance, most notable on that page is this cable pinout:

     P/N 590-0042-B (DMP)

DB25 Connector         AMP36
   (Male)             (Male)
     2 ---------------- 19
     5 ---------------- 2
     6 ---------------- 3
     8 ---------------- 4
    11 ---------------- 7
    12 ---------------- 8
    13 ---------------- 9
    15 ---------------- 1
    16 ---------------- 10
    18 ---------------- 35
    19 ---------------- 12
    21 ---------------- 13
    22 ---------------- 5
    23 ---------------- 6
    24 ---------------- 16
    25 ---------------- 32

I've attached a text file with the pinouts listed on that page.



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