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Apple's Lisa, A Product Design Story


Hello All,
While doing a google search, I came across this e-book:

Apparently, this book has been available for a few years, but never showed-up on my radar before.  Any comments or reviews out there?


Oh yes, I've recently (late 2018) seen that and bought it off Apple books, there is a very nice 3D Lisa breakout video, it shows a Lisa 1 faceplate but the motherboard happens to be a from a 2/10 which is IMO a huge glaring bug, and also it doesn't show the drives in the drive cage. Further, you can see a Widget mounting plate in the drive cage (based on the cutout), so it's basically a 3D rendering of a Lisa 2/10 with a Lisa 1 faceplate.  :-[
I don't know if that has been fixed in the book yet.

Some stuff around it/from it can be found here:
* first facebook link (I know, I know, but it is visible anonymously, I highly suggest you use incognito mode), is in Korean, however, it has that exact video from the book. Click on the first rectangle - the one with the green display and has a playback icon to it to see the video. The 2nd link is a slideshow for the museum itself.

I contacted both Dr. Dresselhaus and his student (who made the models), Jin Woo Lee about possibly releasing the Autodesk 3D models and having them exported to open source 3D programs such as Blender 3D so they could be used to make new 3D printed Lisa cases, etc. but got nowhere, something about Apple still owning the copyright.
The book mentions that Dr. Dresselhaus has apparently donated all his Lisa materials to a new museum, the Dong Dae Mun Design Plaza in Seoul Korea that hosts the Lisa 1 exhibit. There is a video here from that exhibit: of the scenes in the youtube video shows the back of a Lisa 1 on a pedestal, but you can tell there are no electronics in it, the two visible serial ports are empty.
The book is worth getting, but note that it's only available in Apple Books format, so if you don't have an iTunes account, or a modern mac or iPad, you're going to have a hard time reading it. It's not about the history of the Lisa, it's electronics, and the Office System, and its technology, however, it's only about the physical design of the case and mouse, so industrial design, for the most part. This is certainly interesting in its own right.

There are a lot of pop-out videos and animations and things in there, though I wish it were available as a physical book as well, would be a very nice coffee table book.

Thanks for the review Ray!
Exactly the kind of info I was looking for.
Rick   :)

Thank you for the book recommendation. I purchased it off Apple Books and I have sally enjoyed reading it.


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