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Author Topic: Anyone have a fried / very damged 1.8A supply? Need transformer  (Read 73 times)


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I'm repairing a high hour 1.8a Datapower Lisa supply. I think the original fault was a shorted dual diode, however the plastics on the standby power transformer were so crispy that when the owner shipped it to me, the transformer's plastics turned to dust, it came loose, and ripped the wires off :(

Looking at the schematics, this transformer is a bit more integral to the design than with the Apple supply; it provides some feedback to the later stages of the supply... not just 5v standby.
If someone has an extra one of these they'd like to offload, I'd be interested!

I could try finding the ends of the wires and re-attach it, but at the least there would be fewer turns remaining after I'd done this.


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