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Another small project for anyone who's looking for more Lisa information... Here's a table of all the various hard drive options and their OS compatibilities as things stand now. Let me know if there are any factual errors.

Very nice.

One minor thing, there was a Sun 30 drive and possibly a Sun 40 (not sure). (I have a broken Sun 30 I need to repair, that's how I know.)

Also, you can use some inexpensive SDXC CF adapter cards with the X/ProFile - they do work (tested it myself). So if CF cards are hard to find or expensive, this is a way to do it.

The DataTower should be able to work with UniPlus according to the kernel source code. This has it's own interface card and usually a tape drive as well and speaks its own protocol.

There were other hard drives that spoke the original ProFile protocol as well that - such as the Corvus H series (see UniPlus source sys/cv.c ) - I'm assuming this speaks that protocol based on the includes, but the partition table and disk size are different.

This has partition "h" (whole drive) set to 1000000 blocks, which is a weirdly large, well rounded number, as it would imply 488MB which the Lisa won't like, so likely they probe the disk and resize the partition table, not sure, haven't dug that deeply.

One very minor correction to the table:

The note for the Sun SCSI card states:
"SunRem SCSI - This is an expansion card developed by Sun Remarketing for use with MacWorks..."

Technically, this is incorrect.   The Sun SCSI card is only for use with SCSI enabled versions MacWorks Plus or MacWorks+II.  The earlier versions of MacWorks Plus and all versions of the original MacWorks do not support the SCSI card.

Also, the Sun SCSI is not the only SCSI option that was available for Lisa.  The original 16Mhz XLerator has an optional SCSI port that also works with MacWorks Plus or MacWorks+II.  This SCSI port is faster than the Sun SCSI card and can be combined with a LSAC card for Quickboot support.         

Nice work!

One little correction about the ArduinoFile: It supports drives of any capacity just like the Cameo/Aphid does, not just sizes of 5 and 10 MB.

Great list!

There was also a parallel interface drive my by Sunol that worked with Unix on the Lisa. I think like the Corvus drive it hooks up to the stock parallel port.



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