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LisaEm curator, developer, conservator(s) needed


As Ray has stepped-down as the Lord of LisaEm ( -- the Lisa Emulator Project), we are searching for someone(s) to fill-in as needed and eventually take over (or be part of a group of interim managers/keyholders).

I expect primary candidates are those that are using LisaEm, or are Lisa enthusiasts, or else involved in other emulators.

Any eager volunteers?
Can you suggest any folk that won't see this message?
In the event that no suitable candidate volunteers to lead, then we will be looking for interim managers, in which case more than one person is warranted.

Please consider if you will fit in the last category if not the first!

Hi sigma7,

Please consider me to assist with maintaining LisaEm in some capacity moving forward.

James D.

In the absence of other volunteers, I have forked the repo here and have made a few commits this morning to fix the MacOS build script for MacOS 11+. The GTK build works, too, but there's some additional requirements that aren't documented. I'll try and update the README later with those changes. I'd like to ensure project work isn't split across multiple forks, so this can be a true community effort, if desired. If the repo should live somewhere else just let me know.


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