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Author Topic: New CPU, I/O, & Motherboards for Lisa 1/2 and Lisa2/10  (Read 362 times)


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New CPU, I/O, & Motherboards for Lisa 1/2 and Lisa2/10
« on: August 14, 2022, 02:49:53 pm »

With the recent interest in reproducing Lisa PCBs, I feel that folks here may also be interested in the learning more about the Sapient Technologies boards.   I was involved in the development of these boards and can answer questions you may have about them.  The Sapient boards are designed to directly replace the original Apple boards and include some updates and enhancements.

To start with, here is a quick overview of CPU board:

Sapient Lisa CPU - A four layer direct replacement for the Apple CPU card with the these updates:
    a) All the apple revisions have been integrated in the  design ( no bodge wires or tacked on components ).
    b) A integrated ROM switcher.  ROM switcher supports up to 8 variants (depending on EPROM size), common choices are C, D, H, 3A. Additional ROM variants could support non-parity memory, 4MB support in H ROMs, and other minor tweaks.  Also supports both Lisa and Screen mod Vid PROMS.
    c) A jumper to enable a hardware inverse video mode ( that was in Apple's original design but never used )
    d) Some support for the RamBo 4Meg mod.
    e) Mounting holes added to better secure an XLerator to reduce chance of dislocation when being moved
    f) The bare boards are 100% electrically tested (so no open or shorted traces), and some units have been built, tested, and sold, so the boards are known to work and fit.
    g) "Hard gold" plating on edge connector for durability

We are planning to sell the unpopulated PCB's soon with the cost as low as possible to cover the PCB manufacturing.  If you want one, reply to this thread.

Thank you,

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