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"The Art Of Code" - Lisa Source Release

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"Closely following will be CHM’s public release of the source code for the Apple Lisa computer, a remarkably influential project by Apple that did so much to bring the graphical user interface and “What You See is What You Get” approaches into personal computing. It is still our primary way of interacting with digital technology forty years later."

Exciting stuff!

Fantastic news! Congrats Al and everyone at CHM + elsewhere who are making this happen.

Hope I live long enough to see it

Wow! This is really exciting!

Al Kossow:
I spent an hour today with CHM's video team shooting high res video of 7/7, workshop, and macworks
for the Art of Code Lisa events in January.

It's happening...

Also, has anyone tried the 800K LOS driver on the Garden? The contents of the zip file doesn't make any sense.

I now have two Lisa 2's running and wanted to play with an 800K drive in one of them.


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