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--- Quote ---Also, has anyone tried the 800K LOS driver on the Garden? The contents of the zip file doesn't make any sense.
--- End quote ---

I haven't tried the one on the Garden, but I've tested the one on Macintosh Repository and it works great!

Same - no problems with the 800k driver from the repository.

I put a copy of the disk image which I used here:



--- Quote from: Al Kossow on December 07, 2022, 07:39:19 pm ---I spent an hour today with CHM's video team shooting high res video of 7/7, workshop, and macworks
for the Art of Code Lisa events in January.

It's happening...

--- End quote ---


Thank you very much for your unwavering efforts in this. I've always wanted to many things about the internals of LOS and you've made that a reality for many of us.

This is scheduled for Jan 31st, 2023 at 7PM PST, you can register here: and attend virtually or in person.

That's 3 AM London time, but I might stay up late anyway  :D


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