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Al Kossow:
Has anyone ever thought about a Priam Datatower interface / emulator board?
The drive has a driver in 7/7 and people are going to want a large drive for the full 7/7 code build.

That sounds like a great idea! Do we have enough info about the Datatower and its communications protocol in order to do something like this? I've looked around for information a couple times in the past, but I don't remember finding anything other than blurry photos of its components; definitely no schematics or descriptions of the protocol.

Al Kossow:
The SMART-T controller protocol is under priam on bitsavers

sigma7's thread on the intf,296.0.html

And now I'll be thinking about an ideTower over night :)


With the source code for the operating system, a minimal-hardware alternative would be to modify the Lisa OS to handle bigger hard disks. ProFile emulators can go bigger than just 5 or 10 MiB --- Cameo/Aphid for example can do hundreds of megabytes.


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