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Ray Arachelian -- thanks for all your many contributions, you will be missed!

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Ray Arachelian died today, January 18, 2023.

Ray was the chief architect and developer of LisaEm, co-founder and main administrator of LisaList2, as well as proud father and all-round good guy.

--- Quote from: Ray ---Raise a glass to me and play this: Amon Amarth - One Thousand Burning Arrows - I know it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea. Just been listening to that song as I'm facing my mortality, and it's soothing. So kinda want that song played at my funeral.
--- End quote ---

Thanks for the note. If anyone learns about any memorial details (like where to send things like messages or donations to charity or the like), I would be grateful to hear about it.

Rest in peace, Ray.

I bought Ray's PJ-1080 a couple weeks ago and I saved the box it came in. I was planning on sending a card to his wife when this day came; if anyone wants to add their own small message I can include it on the card.

Thanks, James.

Ray's contributions to the Lisa community can never be forgotten. I know he inspired me to get involved, and his emulator spurred a great interest in the Lisa for many of us. I had the pleasure of meeting him and his family at his home in early fall of 2022, and despite his diagnosis he was fully committed to sharing his knowledge, expertise, and most of all - curiosity - with anyone willing to listen. What a great guy, and I'm fortunate to have known him.

Very sad news. :-(


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