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Ultrasonic cleaning Lisa boards?

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This is not strictly a Lisa question but there may be some fine points particular to Lisas and similar age electronics.

Up 'til now I've been cleaning boards with IPA and a toothbrush, but I finally purchased an ultrasonic cleaner. I'm testing Stens 770-100 Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution on a couple of Mac Plus boards first. Following directions would be 15m at 125 F. Then rinse with distilled water followed by blow dryer on warm to blow the water from under the chips then dry overnight before reassembling.

Should I remove any labels/stickers and re-attach after cleaning? It seems like they might clean right off otherwise.

Any other tips for cleaning old Lisa boards particularly?

So I actually cleaned the Mac Plus boards for 4m at 125F after reviewing a YouTube video for a different product. Also, in between a blow drying cycles, I used compressed air to blow water out from under the chips and the IO ports. The boards boards look great today. I'll be reinstalling them tonight.

What ultrasonic cleaner are you using? I've been wondering about these and am interested in learning what some good options are, as well as what to watch out for.


I don't have enough experience to compare to any other or recommend it or not. My objective was to get one that was big enough for a typical size vintage board. The Mac Plus digital board fit nicely. I haven't sized up the Lisa boards yet thought. Honestly I was hoping others on the board might be more experienced!

Very helpful, thank you. Coincidentally, Bruce from Branchus Creations just released this, which is also helpful.


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