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I'm trying to use NewWidEx to deal with a problematic Widget. It spins up and I get the steady green light, but returns an 82 error when trying to use it. I'm running NWE and when I try to do various options such as SOFT RESET or RESET SERVO, I get the "You need a Widget to do that. Pretend there is a working Widget?" I try to answer 'Y' but the prompt at the top just blinks and doesn't respond to Return. What might be going on?

When I use DRIVE INFO, it responds with
DEVICE NAME - /???????????? NUMBER 0000000 NOT A WIDGET

Based on my limited experience, that happens when the Widget is not yet ready to talk to NeoWideEx. Also, I don't think a steady green light is what it should do. The green LED is the read/write indicator, and it should flash with disk activity.

Is the brake releasing after the drive gets up to speed? Is the arm moving the head across the disk while the green LED flashes its activity for any amount of time?

It helps if you can film what is happening. It the arm moving, etc. Is that possible?

Yes, it sounds like the Widget isn't ready to talk to the Lisa yet. The DRIVE INFO data you see is probably the data in the Lisa's memory that was never replaced by information from the Widget.

ried has asked good questions --- knowing more about what the Widget is doing will help confirm whether our theory here is true.


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