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Profile with power supply with popped capacitor


I have a Profile which blew a capacitor in the power supply when after being on for a few minutes. Is there a list of capacitors for Profile power supplies somewhere?

Hi - do you mean the RIFA caps?  lots of smoke and a horrible smell?  If so, it's very easy to replace.  However, there may be two different power supplies to identify.  So, you'll have to open up the supply and see what you have.  My two profiles run different power supplies. 

The one that I just replaced the caps on has the following:

1 x 0.47uF 275VAC PME271M647KR30 (Digikey 399-7487-ND)
1 x 0.1uF 275VAC PME271M610MR30 (DigiKey 399-7483-ND)
2 x 10,000pF 275VAC PME271M510MR30 (Digikey 399-7478-ND)

My other supply is a little different in that it does not have the 0.47uF on it - I'd have to check that one - maybe send a pic of your supply?


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