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New video from The Verge

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Supposedly they are also working on a full documentary, which ought to be interesting. With the 40th anniversary it feels like the Lisa is getting more publicity this year than it's gotten in a long time.

Ha it's done! I provided the systems for that program :)

This is the first time I'm seeing it - I'm glad the CRT came out so clear!


Documentary trailer:

Lisa: Steve Jobs’ sabotage and Apple’s secret burial | FULL DOCUMENTARY

OK, I want to know how many folks here at LisaList2 had bought a Lisa from Bob Cook?  I did, for $345 in 1991.

My 2/10 was a SunRem Macintosh XL (MacWorks Plus, no screen mod) that was purchased by my high school. By the time I took it away from there in the mid '90s (with permission!), it had been living for a couple of years in a garage without heating or air conditioning. It came with a small crew of dead spiders; everything worked for the most part.

SunRem sold me a copy of 7/7 and a new video board to replace one that was suffering from screen jitter problems. Today I would probably try to repair it. The good news is that I can still try if I want --- I never threw it away  :)


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