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IO Board from a 2/5 in a 2/10


This question has been discussed before, and at the time, the answer was yes, you can put an IO board from a 2/5 in a 2/10 and it will work, except for the FDD.

Well, I'm working on my 4th Lisa (my second 2/5), and after inspecting, cleaning and fixing many corroded traces, I am able to boot up with the IO board from the 2/5 into one of my two 2/10. However, the system hangs after a while, with the screen only showing the H, signaling a successful loading of the CPU/ROM. It will not clear to IO board self-check and will not display the A8 (IO ROM) next to the H.

After double and triple checking everything, I think I'm going to move on to fixing the motherboard, but I thought I'd ask this community: do I still have a problem with the IO board? By the way, I tested the IO ROM chip into my 2/10, and it does booth up.

I think you still have an issue with your I/O board.  The I/O board ROM contains firmware for the 6504 FDC CPU.  AFAIK, The Lisa CPU cannot directly read the I/O ROM.   If the I/O revision is not displaying then the 6504 may not be running or you may have an issue with the static RAM that the FDC shares with a Lisa.

Thanks Lisa2. I will persevere.

By the way, this was a pretty nasty case of corrosion (see pic below)


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