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LisaEm 1.2.7-UNSTABLE support bug reports

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2021.08.03 - pushed to unstable branch.
Just pushed to the unstable branch, this should fix a bunch of bugs, though it does introduce a few new ones.

It now builds for windows, but as @Neelix57 on github noted, on Windows, the conversion of wxString to CString does not properly work for UTF strings - this affects Profile disk paths. Tested by adding an omega character in the profile path and it failed to open. This works properly on macos.

If you're interested in playing with UniPlus you'll need to first install it on a real Lisa, download it to your computer using BLU and XModem, and then run blu-to-dc42 to convert it.

This not-quite-a-release includes several new tools including the video state ROM decoder.

Let me know if you'd like binaries.

Released RC3a:
* packages:
* 10:


* and github as usual:[Rather than only posting at the end of the thread for release notices, I'll update this message instead. Bug reports/replies will go to the end of the thread as usual]

Found what was causing crashes on x86_64 macos X:

* wxSound needs to be local rather than as pointer that's part of the LisaEmFrame class which is new'ed and deleted - it crashed on the delete
* seems every so often wxWidgets support for strings changes yet again, in previous version I could do wxString x="Meow" and then use x.c_str() to get an ANSI C string that I could pass to things like strncpy. Later it was fn_str(), now it's (char)(x.char_str()) and I have to typecast it. Meh, and this doesn't seem to be documented cleanly - a reading of the docs says all these methods should work, but they don't work everywhere and not properly.
* long's on x86_64 linux are 64 bit, it seems they are 32 bit on x86_64 macos X - ironically this affects debug enabled code due to the use of ALERT_LOG() macros, and even more so, I spent a few days recasting all the ints to longs to get rid of size warnings, will have to redo it again  ;D There might be more. Haven't yet done a git push as I'm fixing these, but will do so once I fix every instance of these.

Edit: fixed up code is up on github, and here's a DMG:

How often are you pushing code up on github, Rayarachelian?


--- Quote ---How often are you pushing code up on github, Rayarachelian?

--- End quote ---
Since I'm the only one working on LisaEm, right now pushes are around once a week or so - mostly on weekends, and only when something is fixed. I generally don't want to push in-flight work-in-progress incomplete/non-functional code that doesn't compile or work.

Currently I'm working on new features such as the hqx upscaler, using the hq3x upscaler with a double-X lens to fix the rectangular pixel issue, so won't be pushing that until it works or at least mostly works. And if that turns out to not work, or look terrible, I'll remove it as a feature.

I suppose once 1.2.7 reaches prod-release, then I'll stop making changes and start work on 1.2.8 features, and once enough of 1.2.8 works, I'll push that.
After 1.2.8 I suppose there'll be long breaks again while I consider what I want to do for 2.0, etc.

New Alpha, fixed some bugs, added the HQX scaler as a new display method, Drag and Drop of disk images for floppies and text to clipboard. and


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