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Author Topic: Buying Lisa's with Battery Damage  (Read 327 times)


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Buying Lisa's with Battery Damage
« on: November 08, 2019, 04:22:36 pm »

This is a warning to folks that may have a Lisa in storage or are considering a purchase of Lisa.

The earlier versions of the Lisa (Lisa 1, Lisa 2/5) had internal NiCad battery packs that leak and cause serious damage.  Read more about this here:

It is easy to identify the potentially troublesome systems by counting the number of 25 Pin connectors on the back of the system. The effected systems have 3 of the these DB25 ports in a horizontal row.  If the system has only 2 DB25 ports then the system does not have batteries.

If your system does (or did) have batteries, and they were not removed over 25 years ago there is a high likelihood that the system has sustained battery damage.   If you still wish to buy one of these Lisa's today, be aware this has been a chronic issue for over 20 years now and the supply of inexpensive spares for the commonly damaged parts is long gone.  Because of this, it can be very expensive and time consuming to restore or repair one of these systems if they have battery damage.   


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