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 on: Today at 12:17:38 pm 
Started by Todd - Last post by Todd
Many thanks!

 on: Yesterday at 09:55:28 pm 
Started by Todd - Last post by jamesdenton
I second Installed the Unixes a few times from that media with no issue.

 on: Yesterday at 03:33:30 pm 
Started by Todd - Last post by Todd
Many thanks, sir. I didn't even think in terms of Amazon. I have some on the way. Go virtual? That would have defeated the purpose of the last three hours or so downloading and putting files on disks! :-)

 on: Yesterday at 03:31:43 pm 
Started by Todd - Last post by Todd
I'm in a little bit of shock. 4-ish hours later from download to make disks to install and... it worked!!!!

I used the one from here:

I haven't dug in yet, but I didn't have enough room for the "development system".

Would like to see if I can login from my laptop hooked up to the serial port!

Thanks so much,


 on: Yesterday at 03:10:30 pm 
Started by blusnowkitty - Last post by rayarachelian
So about informix, as is usual, these are tar floppies, that is they were made using the tar command to archive the binaries to a single tar file that spans multiple floppy images. To make life easier, I wrote a small program to extract merge the 3 disk copy disk images into a single tar file, so I can play with them in Linux, and not just on the Lisa. This will let me disassemble them. So dc42-to-tar will be included in the release (RC4). It can be used for other Xenix distributed software, and likely will work for uniplus as well.

So was able to exact these guys:

Code: [Select]
./informix$ tar xvf ../floppy-tar.tar
./informix$ ls -l usr/bin/
total 251
-rwxr-xr-x 1 ray ray 80004 Jun 28  1984 dbbuild
-rwxr-xr-x 1 ray ray 73446 Jun 28  1984 dbstatus
-rwxr-xr-x 1 ray ray 65586 Jun 28  1984 enter1
-rwxr-xr-x 1 ray ray 48128 Jun 28  1984 formbuild
-rwxr-xr-x 1 ray ray 42192 Jun 28  1984 informix
-rwxr-xr-x 1 ray ray 94420 Jun 28  1984 perform

Now the bad/good news is that all of them do their own serial number check, so I'll have to crack each of these binaries, but most likely they'll use the same kind of code, so should be somewhat portable.

I dug up my notes on how to use adb for this.

On the informix binary I found (with adb) the offset to the string "Invalid Serial Number" and so now I'll need to step through a run to figure out what function prints this, and what it did right before that and find some branch that I can change.

Unfortunately these binaries have been stripped, but that shouldn't matter too much, but it would have been easier if it had the symbols, like (I forget which) either brand or mutiplan had left. I expect/hope that most likely once I find the serial check function, it should be the same across all the binaries.

Incase anyone cares, some adb commands, (mostly as a quickref for my future self when I'll need to do this again for some other Xenix stuff again):
Code: [Select]
0 - set dot address to address 0 (or if it had symbols you could type in _main or __start, etc.)
?i disassemble a single instruction at the current address.
?16i disassemble 16 instructions
$x  hex dump one word
$32x hex dump 16-bit words
$32X hex dump 32 32-bit words
$s print strings as ascii

You can find more adb here: - but this is from a much newer version of adb.
there is also this guy:

 on: Yesterday at 11:48:34 am 
Started by Todd - Last post by rayarachelian
Can anyone recommend a good source to purchase 3.5" disks that will work with the Lisa 2/5?

You'd want 3.5" DS/DD floppies i.e. "720K", HD won't work. Surprisingly they can still be found:

Or you could go virtual with a Floppy emu: and not worry about floppies again.

 on: Yesterday at 11:12:30 am 
Started by Todd - Last post by Todd
Hi All,

Can anyone recommend a good source to purchase 3.5" disks that will work with the Lisa 2/5?

Some of the Unix-like distributions are quite large (19 disks for the full UniPlus, 15-ish for Xenix). I'm scrounging through old Mac floppies, but am really at the bottom of the barrel. I won't have enough to work with these large distributions.

Many Thanks,


 on: Yesterday at 11:00:22 am 
Started by Todd - Last post by Todd
Thank you so much! I'll report back.

 on: Yesterday at 10:21:37 am 
Started by Todd - Last post by rayarachelian
I am going to give a try to install Xenix on my 2/5. There are two version on Bitsavers and two boot disks:


1. Which one do you suggest I start with?
2. What is the difference between the two?

I think they are the same OS and version, but images taken from two different sets of disks / serial numbers. Also one of them has the extras such as text processing tools and compilers in the same directory, the others have them outside.

It likely won't matter which of the two you choose.

The only thing to worry about is if you're using an X/ProFile, in which case the boot disk needs patching to work properly. In which case, you should use the boot disk from this zip file:

 on: Yesterday at 10:19:44 am 
Started by Todd - Last post by blusnowkitty
If you're using a real ProFile or Widget drive, use either XenixBoot.dc42 or boot.dc42. If you're using an X/ProFile emulator, use the Patched disk.

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