Re: Lisa Easter Eggs?

From: Ray Arachelian <ray_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 09:54:24 -0400

Des Hay wrote:
> Hi
> are there any known easter eggs, hidden messages, pictures, or
> otherwise in the Lisa System 7/7 or within the ROM etc?
Hi Des,

I think I remember your Lisa website was one of the earliest out there. I think I might have a mirror of it still, yup, I think this was yours, right? I ran across it when I first got interested in building the emulator and was gathering all the info I could.

For sure, there are no easter eggs in the ROM, at least not in the H ROM, as the source code to the H ROM is out there. There is a partially hidden test mode program in the monitor, but it's well known at this point, and it's visible in the source code. It's used to read/write memory in hex and display test patterns so as to calibrate the screen. I first learned of it on Tom Stepleton's website, but this appears to no longer be on the web, but has parts of it:*/

There's also a similarly hidden service mode in the LisaTest program that lets you run more through tests. Both of these were meant for Apple Service folks to use and not the end user.

I haven't seen anything hidden in 7/7 as I disassembled pieces of it via the emulator, but it's possible it's well hidden, after all I would have only looked at stuff that I could run inside of LOS.

> Used to be a list somewhere of all the different once within the mac
> OS, never seen any mention of any hidden features or otherwise within
> Lisa.

Of course any easter eggs in early MacOS would probably be visible under MacWorks. I think the Finder's about box that has the mountains is visible there, though wetware memory is a bit unreliable, I think I saw that that logo in Mac System 1.0 which did run under MacWorks on my Lisa.

It's possible the icon "Stolen From Apple" might be in the modified ROM image that's in MacWorks.

It might have been removed though as that "ROM" isn't a ROM, but rather loaded from the first MacWorks disk.

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