Re: Lisa/ProFile Internal Fans?

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Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 19:08:02 -0700

Hey thanks. That's pretty much how it looks to me too, though I did find a take-a-part diagram of the Mac XL/Lisa 2/10 online and it appears as though the 10MB Widget drive may have had a fan as part of the factory install between it and the disk drive. If so, it raises the curiosity even further about the ProFile drive. I've read references to the twin 2.5MB drives "heating up a room" -- via convection or a fan forcing the hot air out? Was there an official Apple 10MB ProFile? If the 5MB ran that hot, surely the 10MB (twin 5MBs?) had a fan (then again how did they fit it all in the case, or was there a bigger 10MB ProFile case)?

It is reported that Jobs avoided a hard drive in the Mac in order to avoid fans (but if the Lisa or the ProFile did not have one, why would the Mac have needed one?). Funny thing is, Larry Pina discusses adding a hard drive upgrade to a stock Lisa/2/Mac XL and even shows a picture with a non-Apple drive in the drive chassis, where there is clearly no fan. And this guy is ALL ABOUT FANS, let me tell you! Either way, Jobs really didn't need to be concerned about fans with regard to hard drives -- man those early drives were loud, louder than any fan for sure!

Oh well, if there was no fan in the Lisa or ProFile, I think it means that the first Apple product to have a fan then was the Hard Drive 20 for the 512k. The first Apple computer then would be the Mac SE (simultaneously with the Mac II). The first hard drive is of course the ProFile, but the first internal Hard Drive would be the optional Lisa 2/Mac XL -- Widget 10MB, not seen factory installed again until the SE.

If you get around to peeking into your ProFile drive, please let me know if you see a fan in there.

Thanks again and good luck!

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>> Anyway, my real question is a little more basic: did the Lisa have an
>> internal fan? 

> No fans inside the Lisa at all - was cooled by convection. It's
> possible CPU accelerator cards would have used fans, but those would
> only work on MacWorks II, etc.

> I've not opened up a profile drive, but it's possible.
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