Re: Install MacWorks XL 3.0 on XProfile

From: Andreas_210 <katertom01_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 14:39:20 -0700

Iīve posted an anwer to Ray on Saturday, but I canīt see it here yet...

Ok, once again...

> Can I ask a small favor? May I use the photos you've posted in the LisaFAQ?

Yes, of course.
Here is an other photo with a closer view to the monitor pcb :

> When you boot it up, does the ROM version change from say F or H to
3A? If so that modifies the screen to have square pixels, and if you use the 3A ROM, you won't be able to boot Lisa Office System.

It shows H/88 and Lisa Office System boots very well.

> The video modification kit makes several changes. One is to replace the
ROM and the video state ROM, the other is to insert a transformer in the
path of the video signal to the CRT.

If you use the switch, the picture becomes bigger in width and smaller in height.
The other way it becomes smaller in width and bigger in height.

Iīve set it to one way and adjusted the pots to have a good picture

My box seems to "manipulate" the variable resistors for width and height.
So it gives an additional voltage to them. There is no additional transformer in the cables to the tube. And there is no connection from the box to the CPU board, so the ROMs canīt be switched.
But there are two (not connected) pins out of the box whitch are opened / connected together if you move the switch. So ROM switching maybe could be done using them.

@ tommoni :

Yes, it seems to be a analoge zoom, only

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