Re: Definitive guide for writing Lisa disk images to floppies

From: Peter <noybus_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2009 22:24:54 -0800 (PST)

Ok, I am getting somewhere, but just hit another hurdle.

I've got a Performa 6400 (powermac). Was able to get Disk Copy 4.2 and DART 1.5.3 onto it. I am taking images from the Mothership Lisa software archives but for most of them, neither Disk Copy or DART will see them in their open dialog boxes.

I did manage to get one working los201.sit. I uncompressed it on my Macbook Pro, copied it onto the Performa via floppy (a LaCie USB floppy works great for this) and DART (but not Disk Copy) was able to open it and copy it onto an 800K DD disk. I haven't tried it on the Lisa yet but at least it copied the image successfully.

As for the other images, I don't know what is up. They end in .image. I have tried downloading the .image files directly and an .sea archive which I uncompressed on the Performa using Stuffit. Neither Disk Copy or DART want to see those.

Amy I doing something fundamentally wrong?

Also, some files are BLAH.archive.hqx. I know the hqx, but what format is the archive part? Is that supposed to be the extension for a disk image file.

Any help is appreciated.

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