How to get the 'chars' program to work

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Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 05:08:21 -0000

DISCLAIMER: I know nothing about how to use the workshop, or programing in Pascal.

Floating around the web is an article from the Signal, which lists a program you can run to show off the Lisa's fonts. I've typed it all into the editor, but I have no clue how to get it to run. It doesn't seem to compile properly (do I need to comple this?) And should I have put in the tabs?

So how do you use this? I'll include a copy of the program here in case you haven't seen it.

What do you mean, you haven't seen Lisa's calculator font? Just run the following program in the Pascal Workshop, and you'll get a fascinating series of displays that include Lisa logos, scissors and printer icons, calculator keys and a Priam Whamo or two. Hit any key to display the next font, or hit the mouse button to quit.

program chars; {show Lisa's fonts}

uses {$U qd/quickdraw} quickdraw,

{$U qd/qdsupport} qdsupport,
{$U qd/hardware} hardware;
const heaplim = 10000; var heapbuf: array[0..heaplim] of integer;

    myport: grafptr;
    event: keyevent;
    c,fontn: integer;
    info: fontinfo;
    penpos: point;
openport(@myport); fontn:= 0;
 textfont(fontn); getfontinfo(info);
 for c := 0 to 255 do
  if fontn = 3 then move(15,0);
  if penpos.h > (720-info.widmax) then
   moveto(5,penpos.v+info.ascent+info.descent+5);   end;
 if keybdevent(true,true,event) then
  if event.key = $06 then halt;
 fontn := fontn+1;
until false;


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