Re: lisa emulator how to get bootrom ans os on osx?

From: Ray Arachelian <ray_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2007 15:18:55 -0500

Jerome Vernet (Orange) wrote:
> Well, I found the lisa 2 and 2/10 ROMS -from other emulators...-, but in
> form of 4 files (booth.lo, booth.hi, io88.rom and vidstate.rom): what to
> do with that ???
> I can have these ROM, because I have both of them ;)
I see, you're using the split odd/even ROM. You'll need to merge the booth.lo and .hi into a single rom file, by interleaving the bytes.

I haven't tried the split ROM in a while, but this might work for you as there should be built in support for it.

After picking one of the two booth files, edit the filename in the text field for the ROM next to the browse button to remove the extension. i.e. if the path after using the file picker said "/whatever/path/booth.hi", delete the ".hi" (or ".lo") so it says just "/whatever/path/booth" and see if that works.

Let me know the results, as I'm not in a place where I can test this at the moment.

The emulator doesn't use the I/O or the vidstate roms.

Sorry guys, I really do need to write some documentation for this beastie.

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