Re: Lisa Fonts

From: Rebecca Bettencourt <beckiergb_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2007 17:24:31 -0000

On Apr 14, 2:47 am, simon <sim..._at_email.domain.hidden> wrote:
> Congratulations! in the image i see that you are using a program called
> bitmap. is that a hex displaying program like FEdit was on classic
> macs? i'm unable to find info on it, or did you write it yourself?
> looks like a handy tool.

I wrote that program myself. I could send it to you if you want.

> I'm still looking for a way to set type and
> owner recources on mac os x like you can change with filetyper on
> classic macs

Wait, what is this talking about? File types and creator codes, owned resource ID's, or FOND and NFNT resources? I have an answer for each of these:
* I like to use Super Get Info or A Better Finder Attributes to change file types and creator codes.
* For editing resource attributes, I use a resource editor I wrote long ago called Resplendence Lite: It can do owned resources.
* For editing font resources, I just use ResEdit inside SheepShaver.

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