Re: Anybody got a non-working Lisa (1) to dump?

From: Sarah Schrock <sarahstryker_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 10:20:44 -0400

 If I had such a Lisa (my personal Holy Grail along with the Unitron Mac512) I would NOT gut or part it out, EVER! What you're suggesting is pure blasphemy. Even non-working Lisa 1 systems have quite a bit of value due to their rarity. It's like parting out a Chrysler Airflow (only three exist in the entire world and Jay Leno has one in his collection) or a Bugatti--UNTHINKABLE! Sally  

"Go ahead, Mac my day" (once a MacAddict, always a MacAddict) :-D    

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Subject: Anybody got a non-working Lisa (1) to dump?

I'm looking for an old Lisa (1) chassis/case to retrofit for a little side project. Specifically NOT looking for a Lisa-2 or Lisa-2/10 or Macintosh XL. Just the original Lisa case with 5.25" drive openings for the old "twiggy" drives. Prefer a non-working unit, since I'm going to gut the insides anyway (I would hate to do that to a working unit).  

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