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Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 19:30:58 -0800

You could fry something for sure. The power supply will probably just shut down if there's a short, but you may damage some cards if there are shorts in the motherboard between power and signal leads.

My Lisa had the dreaded leaking NiCad syndrome. One of it's many troubles was open leads on the motherboard. There is a thing that happens between the power supply and the I/O board at power-on. The power supply needs to get an okay signal from the I/O in order to stay "on". In my Lisa that little loop was open in about four different
places. It just clicked when I pushed the power button.

I cleaned and patched the motherboard and got it to power up and pass power-on tests, but eventually I had to replace the motherboard to get the profile to work and the OS to run.


On Feb 19, 2009, at 3:49 PM, Peter wrote:

I've got two working Lisas and two dead ones. One of the dead ones had battery leakage all over the motherboard and shows no sign of life whatsoever. The other one makes a clicking sound when the power is plugged in, from the vicinity of the power supply.

If I were to swap components out with my working Lisas, is there a risk of frying something? For instance, if I put one of the power supplies from the dead Lisas into a live one to see if it works, and a good power supply into a dead one, or swapping CPU and memory boards between live and dead computers could I possibly fry working components?


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