Re: Screen Stabality Fix

From: Ray Arachelian <ray_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 14 May 2006 18:52:35 -0400

Did the 1.8A power supply cause screen shaking before this addition? If so yes. Mine (1.8A supply) caused "worm" like wiggling. ie straight vertical lines would wiggle left/right like worms to the left/right on alternate lines. Replacing some of the aged capacitors fixed it.

Sounds like the disk is draining a lot of power - which would be a bad power supply more than likely, or the widget disk itself has a problem. Do you have any alternate power supplies you can test with?

You might also have some bad capacitors on the video board. See anything obviously bulged out or that looks like it leaked or cracked?

Also, I'm curious, where did you get this modification from?

perkins.jason_at_email.domain.hidden wrote:

>Sorry to start a new thread on this, but it wouldn't let me bump the
>old one.
>"Withthe phase control adjusted to the extreme, the addition of a
>capacitor between the base of Q8 and ground will move the image back
>towards the center of the screen. (The left side of R54 is
>equivalent to the base of Q8. The bottom of C5 and the emitter of Q8
>are ground.) The amount of capacitance required will depend on the
>particular machine. 0.02uF (0.02 micro-Farads) is a good starting
>point. "
>I have done this, and a .02 and .01 uF cap put the screen at a nice
>alignment. The only problem is that now the whole screen shakes a lot
>when the hard disk power is plugged in (this is a 2/10 with a 1.8A
>unit). Does this indicate my power supply is weak?


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