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From: Dan Knight <dknight_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2000 07:14:31 -0400

Well friends and fellow Mac (and clone) users, it's the end of the line for the old listname_at_email.domain.hidden email addresses. I will be turning off the mail server over the weekend. It will no longer forward messages to the new listname_at_email.domain.hidden addresses. It will bounce them.

For those new to the lists, Low End Mac currently operates 17 email lists. Most are for a specific type of computer, although a few are geographically or task oriented.

The hardware lists:

Apple2list - less than a week old, very active, covers all aspects of Apple's first computer for the rest of us, focus includes Apple II series, clones, emulators, Apple II cards, printers, software, etc.

LisaList - launched with Apple2list, this list is not very busy at all, there aren't a lot of Lisas out there, but this is the place to meet dozens of Lisa owners.

Compact Macs - over 350 subscribers and very busy, this list covers all the all-in-one Macs with 9" and 10" screens: 128, 512k, Plus, SEs, Classics, Color Classics.

Vintage Macs - over 550 members and our busiest list, this list covers all 68020- and 68030-based Macs, which includes the entire Mac II series, the LC I-III, many Performas, and some compact Macs (SE/30, Classic II, Color Classics).

Quadlist - the mother of all our lists, this list was created for Quadra and Centris (and some Performa) owners when there were no lists between Classic Macs Digest (68030 and earlier only) and a few Power Mac lists, 640 members, our second busiest list.

PowerBooks - still a single list covering the Mac Portable and all PowerBooks, the most subscribers at over 830, fairly busy, and very helpful.

1st-PowerMacs - replaced our general PowerMacs list two months ago, 225 members, covers the Power Mac x100 series and most PowerPC-based Performas, focus is Power Macs that don't have PCI expansion slots.

PCI-PowerMacs - replaced our general PowerMacs list two months ago, over 300 members, specific focus is Power Macs and clones with PCI slots

G-List - begun to separate newer PowerMacs from the general list, G-List is specifically for people using the Power Mac G3 (beige or blue) and Power Mac G4, this is not for G3/G4 upgrades on other Macs (Eric Prentice runs his G4 list specifically for the Power Mac G4 and G4 upgrades for earlier Macs).

SuperMacs - I launched this list two years ago when I bought my SuperMac J700 and found no list or support site for Umax SuperMac computers, 779 members, moderately busy, extremely helpful to and supportive of other SuperMac "orphans."

Non-hardware lists:

Mac-Can - a place where Canadian Mac users can talk about Canadian dealers, use Canadian dollars without explanation, and discuss other Canadian issues.

Outback-Mac - the Australian/New Zealander version of Mac-Can.

MaX - Unix, BSD, AU/X, or Linux? If you run it in Mac hardware, check out this list. Special focus is newbies (like me) who have no idea what we're looking at. ;-)

Mac Webmasters - for webmasters who use Macs, over 300 subscribers.

MacNetwork - our newest list, nearly 300 members already, very busy, deals with anything network: modems, LocalTalk, ethernet, AirPort, remote access, cabling, hubs, etc.

If you're interested in joining one of the other lists, they are all linked to our email list home page (along with links to a lot of lists we don't run) at


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