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From: Dan Knight <dknight_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 20:47:42 -0400

I've been fighting with my cable modem for months. This week we finally discovered what the problem was: somebody was logging into AT&T @Home using exactly the same IP address. If you've ever tried that, you know the Mac's response is to disable the connection.

Last night AT&T gave us a new IP address. That's important, because I stopped using ISDN over the weekend and now have all three list servers networked to the cable modem. (One server for busy lists, one for less busy lists, and one set to Perth, Australia, time so the Outback Mac list gets digests in a more reasonable times zone than U.S. Eastern Time.)

Just discovered the "big list" server somehow got switched from one ethernet port to the other. Oops. Fixed that, so all the lists should be running very smoothly right now. Finally. And just in time for the holiday weekend. (Well, it's a holiday for Canucks and 'Mericans.)

While I've got your attention, a few notes:

  1. Anything sent to the old "reformed.net" addresses will bounce. If you've tried that, you probably already know that. You must use the "lowendmac.net" email addresses. For your convenience, they are in the footer of each message and digest.
  2. Please remember that hitting reply will send your response to the list unless you readdress it. Especially when asking questions about swap day stuff (every Monday each list holds a flea market...), be sure to readdress your reply to the individual when it is not intended for the list.
  3. If you do want to leave the list, instructions for unsubscribing are right down there at the bottom. Don't post unsubscribe messages to the whole list -- it won't do anything but give others something to laugh about. (BTW, you must send from your subscribed address. Otherwise the server doesn't know which address to remove from the list.)
  4. Please avoid quoting too much -- or too little. Don't include the ads and list addresses in the footer when quoting. You don't need to quote the entire header with date, time, sender, etc., either. Nor should you send a reply that gives no indication what you are responding to. Find the middle ground.
  5. Be good to each other. We're hoping to spend much of the coming week out, although whether that'll be day trips or a long road trip is still up in the air. The servers should run very nicely all by themselves now that we have the Internet access nailed down. (We hope -- there _is_ Murphy's Law to consider....)

'Nuff said.

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