Re: Lisas in UK/Europe?

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Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2000 20:28:04 EDT

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<< Hey there Steve,  

 I found outlast night that my father used to have several Lisas and gave  them away!!!  

 In the '80s he ran the accounts department for a local aluminium smelter.  They used 4 Lisas for about 2 years before changing over tho PCs. I don't  know whether the Lisas were bought in this country as the factory was  Canadian owned and they cold have been shipped over.  

 Sadly the Lisas were kept in a storeroom until 1990 and then junked :(  

 Still my quest continues............  

 Take care,
 BiG G. >>
Man, I had a similar problem! A local University had a few Lisas for Macintosh development, and they gave them to state surplus, where some lowlife picked them up and is probably using them as coffee tables. It INFURIATED me when I realized that that happened. Also, when I wasn't to big on Lisas, my school actually was selling one and I didn't get it! Arrgh! Anyways, keep heart and don't let failure knock you down. When I was searching, it pretty much was me vs. the antique collectors who want to pay 15,000 US Dollars for a stinkin' Lisa 2. So, keep heart, and look hard, and collect your money and you will be rewarded, maybe not soon, but as they say, good things come to those who wait.
-Steve S.


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