Short notes from Mom

From: Dan Knight <dknight_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 20:45:15 -0400

Wow, we've got 22 lists up and running -- and the Mac-N-DOS list starting next week.

Responses to some questions I've received:

Q. Why are my messages being bounced?

A1. You may not be sending from the same address you used when you subscribed. CommuniGate thoughtfully sends you a confirmation message that includes the email address you used to subscribe. Keep that message on file.

A2. The lists are set up to accept only plain text (ASCII). Anything else will be bounced.

Q. Why are you so adamant about ASCII only email?

A1. Because plain text is the common language of email, something every email client understands.

A2. Because attachments just clutter up mailboxes.

A3. Because we create digests, which string together up to 20 individual messages into a single email. A digest composed of messages from a dozen different email programs, each with its own ideas of how to style things, would be abominable.

Q. Why is the digest index numbered, but digest messages aren't?

  1. CommuniGate doesn't support numbered messages within the digest.
  2. Why did I get unsubscribed?
  3. Probably my fault. I've been experimenting with list settings and had the lists set to suspend subscriptions when there was a bounce. Bad move. I've reset that option to temporarily suspend based on bounces, then try again in six hours. If that fails 10 times (2-1/2 days), you will be unsubscribed.
  4. How can I subscribe but not receive messages? I want to be able to post from a different address but not get two copies of everything.
  5. You can't. You may want to subscribe in Index Mode from the second address. Or you can email <listmom_at_email.domain.hidden> and as me to put you on a specific list in Null Mode. Sending email to
    <xxx-null_at_email.domain.hidden> (where you replace xxx with the name of the
    list) _may_ work, but it is not covered in the documentation.
  6. What are Feed, Index, and Digest modes?
  7. Feed Mode is single message mode. It is the normal behavior of each list when you first subscribe.

Digest Mode combines up to 20 messages into a single email. This is prefaced with an index listing the subject of each message in the digest.

Index Mode is like Digest Mode, but you only get the index. This can be useful if you'd like to know what's happening on the list but want to read list messages via your browser.

Q. What address do I use when posting to the list?

  1. The one that shows up when you hit "reply" to this message. The one list in the FAQ. The one that _should_ be listed in the footer of each message or digest.
  2. Who do I tell when there's an error in the headers or footers for the list?
  3. In setting up all these lists, I'm sure some mistkses have been made. Send me an email at <listmom_at_email.domain.hidden>. Bear in mind that I usually check email once a day, usually spend most of the weekend away from my computer, and have to have a good Net connection to access the list server (AT&T @Home cable has been most unreliable, and my modem has to share a phone line with six people).
  4. Why did I get a message about quoting too much?
  5. Because you should quote selectively, never quoting back the entire original message including the headers and footers. It's an issue of bandwidth and access fees in some parts of the world where people have to pay by the KB. More than that, it's a matter of courtesy to quote as much as necessary and no more. The little time you invest doing that will save hundreds of others time when reading your posting.

Every email client should make it possible to quote selectively. If you don't know how, ask. List members can be very helpful.

Also, I am going to start tracking those who I send my "you quoted too much" email to. Everyone probably gets that message now and then, but some get it every day. Enough. Do that way too often and I'll ban you from the list. (And I do mean _way_ too often, like every day for a week.)

Q. Someone violated netiquette. How should I deal with it?

  1. You're not the listmom, but that's no reason to ignore it. Assume the best and send a private note to the poster -- never chastise them on the list. If you feel it necessary, send me a note about it _and be sure to include the message you're responding to_.

Enough for now. If you have more questions, email me at
<listmom_at_email.domain.hidden>. Maybe I'll write a follow-up letter next week
with more of your questions.

Dan Knight                            dknight_at_email.domain.hidden
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