Help, I need the other MacWorks Plus Disk images

From: <TheSteve04_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 13:31:32 EST

Hello. I have gotten MacWorks Plus running on my Lisa, except that it can't boot a system. The reason is that every mac site doesn't supply disk images other than the one to boot MacWorks Plus from Lisa OS. I read the Lisa Do-it-Yourself manual, and it states that it needs some other disks, but the sites I have checked are devoid of it. I also checked Sun Remarketing, and they wanted to sell the disks for 150 bucks, which was the biggest rip off I have ever heard of in my life. Besides, I don't have 150 bucks to spend on software. Does anybody have disk images of these disks? If you do, please tell me because I can't run my Lisa without them. Thanks for your time:)
-Steve S.


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