Uninstalling MacWorks to install the Lisa OS

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Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2000 14:41:04 EST

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<< Is it possible to take MacWorks OUT of a Lisa, or uninstall it and return

the Lisa to using Lisa OS? >>

Hi there, yes it is, I have done it. I believe that you can actually run both environments too, but that I've never done. You must be sure that your Lisa or Mac XL has the original Lisa ROMs though and that it does not have the screen modification kit installed, or you cannot install the Lisa OS or Lisa 7/7. Here's a link to the html Lisa/Macintosh XL Do-it-yourself Guide:


Or download it in pdf format:


This document is extremely helpful and has a section which describes what to look for at startup as to what ROMs you have installed. There are also excellent web sites with the Lisa software to easily download. I am new to this list, so I don't know what's been discussed before, so I hope this is helpful. I have owned, repaired and restored a number of Lisa and Mac XLs in the last ten years. Currently I do not own one, but I am looking. I want to keep the next one I find this time. My first "real" computer was a Lisa, please read an article I wrote about my experience, it's the first article:


Glad to be a part, I hope I can help. Long live the Lisa!


David Greelish
Classic Computing Press

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