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<< What flavour Lisa? If it's a 2/5 then just boot Lisa OS disk 1 and format

the Profile, optionally creating a split disk to allow you to install BOTH

LisaOS and MacWorks. I imagine it'll be the same for Lisa 2/10......plain

ol' Lisa 2 can only run MacWorks..... >>

This is not necessarily true. People get very messed up with the "what's a Lisa 2 and what's a Mac XL" criteria. If the machine in question has not been adulterated with a ROM upgrade or screen modification, etc., it can run the Lisa OS - any Lisa 2 or Mac XL. All Mac XLs are Lisa 2s, Apple merely renamed them in 1985. The "plain" Lisa 2 is the same as the Lisa 2/5, just with no external 5 mb Profile hard drive. It was generally not sold without a hard drive, as it was basically useless without one.

Here's the breakdown on differences per the Lisa/Macintosh XL Do-it-yourself Guide -

Lisa 2: The Lisa 2 has one 3.5-inch 400K disk drive, different disk drive controller circuitry, and a redesigned front panel to accommodate the single 3.5-inch drive opening. A 400K floppy controller, labeled the "Lisa Lite Adapter," is mounted inside the disk drive cage. The System I/0 board is socketed for an AMD 9512 arithmetic processor. It has nickel-cadmium battery backup for the real time clock. One 512K memory board is standard. The mother board has a mouse connector, two serial connectors, and an external parallel connector. The power supply is rated 1.2 A.

Lisa 2/10: The Lisa 2/10 has a completely different motherboard. The mouse connector is different. There's no external parallel connector on the back of the computer. Instead, there's an internal parallel connector and a 10MB internal I hard drive. An interrupt switch has been added. The system I/0 board is also different. There's no socket for the AMD 9512 coprocessor. There's no nickel-cadmium battery backup for the real time clock. The disk drive controller is different. An extra chip on the 1/0 board replaces the Lisa Lite Adapter which was formerly located in the drive cage. The disk drive cabling is different. The wiring harness is different. The power supply is different. One megabyte of RAM is standard. If you have Lisa OS disks, a 10MB internal hard drive, no Lisa Lite card, no external parallel connector, and a 1.8-A 110/220V power supply, yours is at least a Lisa 2/10.

Macintosh XL: The Macintosh XL is exactly the same as a Lisa 2/10. Only the sticker on the box, the operating system, and the instruction manuals are different. Instead of Lisa OS, the bundled OS is Macintosh System software and MacWorks XL, a Lisa program which allows 64K Macintosh ROM emulation. If you have MacWorks XL instead of Lisa OS disks, a 10MB internal hard drive, no Lisa Lite card, and a 1.8-A power supply, yours is probably a MacintoshXL.

A lot of people confuse the hardware differences as coming about due to the renaming, but this was not the case. When Sun Remarketing in Logan, Utah bought up the bulk of remaining "Mac XLs" from Apple they slowly began tweaking them to make them more Mac like. My first Lisa which I bought from them in December 1989 for $1095 had started life as a Lisa 2/5. Sun Remarketing had installed the screen modification kit (giving it square pixels like a Mac instead of it's native rectangular ones), Mac Plus 128k ROMs to support the installed 800k drive and a Sun Remarketing installed internal 20 mb hard drive. The hard drive was interesting because it was installed internally, yet it's cable extended under the rear cage cover to attach to the external parallel port. Ok, ok, I go on and on. Interesting stuff eh? Best,

David Greelish
Classic Computing Press

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