Help! OS 3.1 installation errors

From: Marshall Henderson <britishcar_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 20:23:36 -0500

Hi! I’m new to the Lisa list via Low End Mac. I’m writing because I have a problem with a Lisa 2/10 that has been perplexing me for quite some time and am hoping that someone on the list has a suggestion.

A couple of years ago, I was lucky enough to come across a beautiful Lisa 2/10 running an early version of the Mac OS — System 4.1 if I remember correctly. Wanting to put it back to being a Lisa instead of a fat, slow, Mac, I placed a copy of Lisa OS 3.1 that had been properly “virginized”. Strangely, after I placed the 3.1 applications on the machine, several of them didn’t “work right”. It’s hard to describe but the best example is LisaDraw which refused to draw lines, circles or just about anything else. It would launch, but it would never behave correctly. It would never crash, but it just refused to “work”. As I remember, several of the 7 apps were victim to this odd affliction. I assumed that I either had a bad copy of the OS or bad copies of the apps in question. However, I obtained new copies of the OS and the apps from several very different sources and the results were always exactly the same.

Eventually, I resigned myself to running Lisa OS 2.0 along with the 7 2.0 apps. The 2.0 OS and the 2.0 apps ran perfectly on the machine.

Recently, the Widget hard drive on the Lisa gave out. I replaced just the hard drive, leaving the logic cage and floppy in place. I thought I would try installing 3.1 on the “new” drive and tried to install the OS. The OS seems to install perfectly every time but now, no matter what I do, the Lisa errors out with a 10732 error upon startup. This error is accompanied by an image of the Lisa with a cross through it. Apple says that this error is a quasi-generic one meaning “boot file is missing or damaged”. I have tried absolutely everything I can think of including the following: trying different copies of 3.1 obtained from different sources, running full, overnight diagnostics on the machine (it passes), installing and then repairing, installing with a reformat/erasure, installing without a format/erasure, installing with Macworks sharing, installing without Macworks sharing, etc. I even changed the logic cage out with another Lisa and still I get the same error. I have also tried what I think is a copy of 3.0 (not 3.1). Again, I have installed from these disk images in the past — although I wouldn’t say it worked correctly, it did at least install and boot. The Widget drive in the machine has had 3.1 on it in the past. But now, nothing works.

Again, I can install Lisa OS 2.0 and the 2.0 apps and they work perfectly – it’s only 3.1 (and 3.0?) that error out every time. The Lisa is an H/88 machine without any Sun Remarketing stuff (that I can tell) and no screen mods or other Mac-like mods that I can tell.

So, my question is this: does anyone out there have any idea or any experience with a situation like this on a Lisa? Do you have a completely known, working virgin copy of the 3.1 OS and the apps? I’ve obtained my copies from various places on the ‘net, including one that Apple had supposedly posted some while back for a while on their servers. I’ve got the “revirginizing instructions” if you’ve got a serialized copy.

Thanks for any help!

Marshall H.
Fairfax, VA

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