Hello all!

From: Anthony G Beckett <anthony.beckett_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 22:55:53 +1000

Hi all!

I just signed up to the list, and I am hoping that you guys can help me with my Lisas!

I have two Lisa 2's - one works great, one has a blown tube and power supply. What I would like to know is - is there any technological difference between the Lisa 2 and the Mac XL - that is, besides the software?

The reason I ask is, both hard disks in the Lisa's have MacWorks installed - and I would rather run LisaOffice. I have downloaded the Operating Systems, transferred them to 400k install disks using DiskCopy 4.2 on a Mac and I here is where I am stuck.

Watching the Lisa attempt to load them was not a pretty site - for starters, one of the disk drive occasionally spins. Not good.. The other does not like to load and eject properly. Half way inserting a disk causes the mechanism to drop. If you hold the mechanism up, push the disk in, then let it drop, it flicks the head up and down the disk and returns a five digit error code with a picture of the lisa and a cross through it (10xxx - xxx might have been 571, cant remember )

I think my floppy drives are cactus - however, the mechanisms do not seem that common - the oldest macs I have are Mac 512's, and they look similar to the newer Mac Plus drives. When connected to a Lisa, their reaction could only be described as "bezerk". Constant ejecting.

So - where or what machine can I butcher to rescue my Lisa from System 6?

I apologise if this email seems disjointed.

Thanks in advance ladies & gentleman!


Anthony G Beckett

Anthony G Beckett

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