Re: Help with dead lisa 2 getting closer!

From: James MacPhail <uo957_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 16:49:13 -0700

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Hi Vince,

>The board I have is a XL board I believe because the board # is 620-142
>which according to sun remarketing manual says its an XL board. But that
>manual says it will work in my Lisa 2/10. There is no battery pack on this
>board. I'm gonna check the other suggestion now on the board to try and get
>it to fire up.

I was under the impression that you had a Lisa 2, not a Lisa 2/10, but it may not matter...

The Lisa 2 has an external parallel port connector (near the serial ports on the back), the Lisa 2/10 does not. The Lisa 2/10 has an interrupt button, the Lisa 2 does not. Others may have different definitions of course.

Various re-configurations and name changes confuse the issue of what is each kind of Lisa, however the prescence or abscence of a parallel port on the back panel of the motherboard is a reliable indicator.

The Lisa 2 usually has the 1.2 Amp power supply, the 2/10 usually has the 1.8 Amp power supply, although both work in both machines, the extra power requirements of the 2/10 pretty much require the stronger power supply. (These nameplate ratings are for the 120 volt version, the 240 volt versions have different nameplate current ratings).

As for I/O boards, I believe they are NOT completely interchangable, perhaps someone else can comment on this. If you have a back panel parallel port, your I/O board should be 620-0117 (with the battery & switch, battery perhaps removed). If you do not have a back panel parallel port, your I/O board should be 620-142 (no battery).

>Just to verify, U7F a 7417. No jumper wire where you where describing, but
>I may have a different board than what you thought. Jumping pin 12 to 14
>causing pin 12 to go high doesnt fire it up.

U7F is a 7417 on both I/O boards. The flying wire is only present on 620-0117.

It is possible I have the sense of the pin 12 voltage backwards. If it is 5V when the Lisa is off, try pulling it to ground to see if the power supply starts up.

>Ok, I checked U7F pin 12 and it does go to pin 120 on the edge connector.

You could check that that pin goes through the motherboard and chassis to the power supply's edge connector, sorry I don't know what pin off-hand.

>Is there any way to check votages out of the power supply connector to
>verify it is the power supply?

Since you have already confirmed the 5V standby power is working, there is no simple test. This is a problem with switching power supplies. Swapping power supplies would be the easiest thing, but not everyone has a garage full of Lisas (neither do I).

HTH, James

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