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From: James MacPhail <uo957_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 14:32:30 -0700

Vince wrote...

>Nice, but I'd rather get an external profile and make an adaptor for the
>internal. But if I did that would I treat it like an internal drive still?
>Also, where can I find info on the pinnouts to make a connector?

(this is in reference to connecting a ProFile to the cable that normally goes to a Widget in a Lisa 2/10)

The internal vs. external designation applies to the port, not the drive attached to it, so yes it will still be considered "internal" by the operating system.

The Widget and ProFile are distinguishable by the data returned from the inquiry command, and since they can be different sizes, one might wonder if this could cause a problem, since the OS might not expect a ProFile to be connected to the internal connector. In fact, the internal and external parallel port (the I/O board parallel port, not expansion card slot parallel ports) are treated in pretty much the same way, so the OS does not assume which type of drive is connected to the port. As a result, one can connect either type of drive to either port, and it works.

The one related problem that I am aware of is that some Lisa environments can't be booted from a hard disk connected to an expansion card parallel port.

The instructions for adding a DB-25 connector to the internal cable are around somewhere, I will email you privately once I find them.

>Do you work for or run sigma seven systems?


>If so, don't you sell the xlerator boards?

We designed and manufactured them, and used to sell them to/through Sun Remarketing and Dafax Processing Corp., however we haven't made or sold any for many years. We occasionally got inquiries from folks looking for cheap left-overs, but we don't have any, hence the note on the web page that says we don't have any, although we would custom-build an XLerator for a serious collector, etc.

Since we have already been paid (10 years ago) for the XLerator board on eBay, and I don't think we have anything to gain or lose in this particular auction, I don't see it as a conflict of interest to mention it... my apologies if I misled anyone; I do hope someone gets a good deal on it, and would be happy to try to help them get it going again.


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