Re: Dead Lisa Monitor?

From: Vince Briel <vbriel_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2001 22:37:55 -0500


I work on PC and terminal monitors quite a bit. When you power off and on, do you see any light or dot in the center, or anything of the sort? When I got my Lisa, it had sat for a long time with a bad P/S. After replacing the P/S I got it to fire up only to find the video on screen was very poor. In order to work on video adjustments you must remove the card rack from the back, then if you look up under the lid where the rack was, there are 2 screws that hold the lid on (PS they don't come out completely). remove the top of the Lisa then put the card cage back in and the back cover on. Now BE VERY CAREFUL OF THE BACK OF THE TUBE!!!! EXTREMELY HIGH VOLTAGE! Trust me, I was removing one I thought I had discharged and it sent me for a ride! You should be able to see a large power cable that connects to the tube and then goes to a board behind the tube (that's the monitor board).

Here's my point! I found that sitting for a long time, the contacts on the adjustment pots developed dust and dirt in them. If you are careful, turn power on, and check the adjustment for contrast. I found out when I made an adjustment it would look great, then as soon as I removed my plastic screwdriver, it went dark again! After a few turns it stayed on and has worked great ever since. The reason for using the plastic adjustment screwdriver is that standard screwdrivers can interfere with the signal of the video and when you remove it, it changes the picture. Also, are you aware of the contrast adjustment on the P/S?

Lastly, you say you have a Lisa 1 and Lisa 2/10? Are you sure you have a Lisa 1? That would be the model with 2 floppy (twiggy) drives in front and no built in HD.


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