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From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 17:26:17 -0500

        Would someone be willing to send me a copy of the Sun Remarketing 800k floppy upgrade ROM for the Lisa 2/5, the ROM that goes into location A1 and replaces Apple part# 341-0290?

        As of yesterday, I got my Lisa 2/5 functioning again in the Sun Remarketing 'upgraded' form that I got it in. I've got it booting MacWorks Plus from 400k floppy and then booting System 6.0.2 from the SCSI controller/drive mounted in one of the expansion slots. It also has the XL Screenkit installed and a second hard disk mounted above the floppy drive and originally taking data from the external parallel port. This Rodime drive is toast though and since I put an Apple-ROM Quantum 80MB drive on the SCSI controller I don't see the need to try and get this 2nd drive functional, so it's not even hooked up. When I purchased this machine, it also had the 800k floppy upgrade installed but the machine has problems if I try to run it with the 800k drive/ROM combo, which is why I've put the 400k drive/ROM combo back into it. Among other problems, there is no mouse movement if I have the 800k ROM installed.

        I got this machine about two years ago and had been trying to put it back to work as a Lisa, vice as a Mac XL. After a few problems trying to un-upgrade the video, I put the XL bits back inside and got it working in the form above. Any help aquiring the correct 800k upgrade ROM would be greatly appreciated.

	Thanks and take care

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