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We're preparing to launch two new regular columns on Low End Mac.

10 Forward <> will be our user column for OS X migration stories. We believe that OS X is the future of the Mac, that a lot of people are trying it with various levels of success, that OS X is stable enough and has enough apps to finally have the potential to be an only OS, and that Mac users need to hear the whole story from a wide variety of "classic" Mac users who have tried using OS X 10.1 -- with or without success. Anyone interested in contributing a column is encouraged to email <mailto:webmaster_at_email.domain.hidden> with "10 Forward" as the subject.

History of the Mac Web <> will document the history of the Mac Web on a site-by-site basis. This will include long gone sites -- if we can find the people who know all about them. Webmasters and others involved with the Mac Web are encouraged to share their stories here. Where possible, we'd like to know when a site was launched, who was behind it, maybe have one or two screen shots showing what the site looked like (esp. in the early days), how the site grew, and why, for those since departed, the site died.

And don't forget the "Rest of the Mac Web" survey that we launched today.
<> This is your chance to rate 41
sites that weren't included on our recent "Best of the Mac Web" survey.

Finally, we have a new option for those who wish to financially support Low End Mac. We're working with a new micropayment firm called Paythrough. Their terms make it practical to accept payments of under $1 and also allow Mac users around the world who can't or won't use PayPal or Amazon to make donations using their credit cards. Links at


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