Notes from Mom

From: Dan Knight <listmom_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Tue, 7 May 2002 22:08:53 -0400

Good Tuesday, everyone.

I've just finished wading through five days worth of postings on 30-some lists. Lots of things come to mind. Here they are in no particular order:

UNSUBSCRIBE (ESP. AOL) Never send an unsubscribe request to the list. Use the email address in the footer of each posting or below the index in each digest. (AOL users, due to the brain-deal AOL email client, you'll have to manually remove "mailto:" from the address.)

SUBSCRIPTION PROBLEMS Never email the list to change mode or change your subscribed address. There is no procedure for changing your address -- you'll need to subscribe from the new address, then unsubscribe from the old one. If you have problems with this (or with unsubscribing), email me at List related correspondence sent to any other address may be ignored.

And be sure to mention which list(s) you're on.

On lists with nannies, they can also help with subscription problems.

There is no way to change your subscription address -- definitely something else to address when I write my own software. To change your subscribed address, subscribe from your new addy and then unsubscribe from the old one.

Also, never email me at my "" address. I have to have it for the mailing lists, but I hate web-based email and don't check it regularly.

QUOTING IN REPLIES We ask that you always quote the relevant portion of the message you're replying to. We also ask that you only quote the relevant portion of the message you're replying to. If you quote the entire original message right through the footers, you will receive an email from me. Three such notes from me puts you on a last warning. Number four will tell you that you've been blocked from posting to the list until you agree to change your ways.

APPLE SERVICE MANUALS Please do not post the URLs for Apple service manuals. Apple has moved them in the past and will move them again when they know that their addresses are out in the open. Posting these URLs to a public forum (which is also archived) hastens the day that Apple moves these files.

Do not post the URLs for Apple service manuals.

SPAM Some people have noticed that they are receiving spam at email addresses they set up specifically for our lists. That's the risk we take in creating archives -- the spammers will send their robots out to harvest email addresses. I hope to create my own list management software later this year and intend to address the issue in software.

THE SUBJECT LINE Please don't send postings with blank subject lines. Please do change the subject line when a thread moves in a direction different from the original subject line. Don's assume that readers read your subject line
-- at least in digest mode it's much easier to start with the body. (Pet
peeve: Postings that say, "Subject says it all.")

OTHER NETIQUETTE Be sure to put a blank line between paragraphs for the sake of everyone using plain email clients. That keeps all the paragraphs from appearing to run together and makes reading easier. Thanks!

BLACKLISTING maintains a fairly aggressive blacklist to keep spam off their server. If you find that you are unable to post due to blacklisting, it's either because the IP address you are/were using at the time or your ISP's server has been blacklisted for sending or relaying spam. All of this is handled by Maclaunch and is out of our control.

I'm sure this doesn't cover it all -- a rereading of the list FAQ and netiquette guide is a good idea if you have any more questions -- but it's been a long day.

Be excellent to each other.

Dan the listmom


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