Apple Lisa special on GUIdebook.

From: Marcin Wichary <mwichary_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2004 12:51:15 +0200


      I am running a graphical user interface gallery website called GUIdebook ( and I was thinking of doing a "special event" kind of thing dedicated to Apple Lisa.

I am slowly preparing all the materials. I was hoping that maybe you could help me out with them, or with ideas on what more I could add. At this point I am very interested in help with Lisa's screenshots, as well as vintage advertisements/brochures/documentation. I'd appreciate a line if any of you have access to those.

This is the current list of things I'm intending to include:
- icons from Lisa 3.1

Please let me know if I missed something crucial, if you could help with something or if you had more ideas. Thanks in advance!

      Marcin Wichary

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