Re: Looking for parts or a parts machine

From: Macmoni <macmoni_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2004 18:02:17 +0200

Hi Stephen,

> ...quietest drive I've heard of its kind. It calibrates when the
> controller tells it to, but it has lost its format, so its not
> possible to install lisa OS on it.

there are three probably Errors, which may have been occured:

Your drive lost Track 0, where an index of all sectors, their locations, a.s.o. has been stored. The Track 0 is read out everytime your WidgetDrive boots, so it's quite normal, that this track looses magnetical information first. If this is the error, than you will have to write all data onto Track 0 again. You can only do so with an modified ROM in you WidgetDrive and an external software. There are possible good results with an Apple II or Apple III; but I don't know anyone who owns such a program :-(((

Second: Your drive lost the index of the FileSystem and your data is already on the Disk. Then you can do a simply new format by booting from diskettes - although you will loose all data on the WidgetDrive. Or you WidgetDrive has lost the index AND the data, then it wouldn't matter at all to do a new format.

Third your Drive Controller is short before death. Then it's not a problem with the Winchester Disk itself !
Before trying something you probably would deny later on, I would test that section, simply by checking the all connections of the controller board (on top) and the widget motherboard (vertikal) and the plugs to the read-write-head front and behind on the left side of the lowest horizontal board (directlyunder the Winchesterdisk-compartment. Perhaps you have some boards for switching ? Else you should also check PR6 3 Potentiometers and R34 on the vertical widget motherboard. They are often corroded.

But perhaps you describe first, what your drive does and what not? You wrote
> It calibrates when the controller tells it to.
This is no calibration, it's reading Track 0 First theDrive spins up, then you hear a mechanical sound "clack" and then your write-red-head reads "rrt rrt" the Track 0 Perhaps this action couldn't be completed. Please mail a short description, what you hear and see, when your drive intends to boot. Especially, what does LED DS1 (Top left front) and LED D1 (Bottom right front)

greetings TOM from Bavaria the center of europe, the country of the alps, the marvellous castles of Koenig Ludwig, and the original Octoberfest

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