Re: Lisa 2 external video connector and video cameras

From: Macmoni <macmoni_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 19:42:51 +0200

Hi David,

> Q: Can the Lisa 2's external RCA video connector be used to record video
> output on a NTSC video camera?
Not directly, but you can convert the signal two times and then e.g. feed a modern computer with the digital signal. I did this with an Apple IIe and later with an Apple IIc (which also gives a video output by using the PAL Modular Adapter Model No. A2M4023 for Apple IIc)
We have here PAL/SECAM instead of NTSC, but I think this should not be the main problem... and did the same for studies in the university mid 80ies until early 90ies.
I would suggest following:
First you'll need a device which is able to divide up the signal; the positive video signal and the short negative peek which transfers the sync. signal. This is necessary, cause now you have to remodulate only the video-signal and afterwards add the sync. signal again. The easiest way to do so is not build yourself an electronic device although this is possible; it's much easier to get an old video beamer (or LCD device for overhead projectors), which often have composite video input, sometimes SCART or digital video-input too and most time hf-video-in/output to connect the beamer (or LCD) in a row together with a videorecorder.

Or you connect it to an converter (hauppage/myTV/etc.) to digitize the signal and get some QuickTime movies via usb or fire-wire to your Mac.
> Q: Can this connector damage my video camera in any way?
The video-out has up to 1,3Vss max. the video in of your camera should be specified in the manual (should be 1Vss at the s-vhs in or low level. If you're unshure get yourself a shunt 1:1000000 with a R and a pot and parallel a cap in row with a cap. There are no devices which work with input signals lower than 1 mikro volt. This is the antenna-input, which can have the same plug, but uses different signalforms and voltages !!
> Q: Does a Lisa 1 have this external video connector?
Yes the identical

greetings TOM from Bavaria

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